About Us

Brunch Cafe & Grill is a well-known restaurant located on 698 High Road, London. The eatery specializes in takeaway as well as in-house table meals.

We prepare meals on request, and we’ve been serving satisfied and happy customers for a long time. All our customers are pleased to return to our restaurant or make repeat orders from us because we never comprise on quality.

Brunch Cafe & Grill

Meal Deal

Meal Deal
£ 5.50
1Pc Peri Chicken, 1 Ribs, 1 Flat Wing, 1 Biryani or Chips, Drink, Salad
Combo Meal 1:
£ 4.50
Half Chicken, Fries & Drink
Combo Meal 2:
£ 5.50
Half Chicken, 2 Pcs Wings, Fries & Drink

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